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stone veneer


Stone veneer is the generic name for cladding products that are cast using molds and colors to replicate natural stone. It adds character to a home’s exterior or interior for a reasonable price. It is typically used to accent traditional exterior siding materials like wood, stucco, aluminum or vinyl. Unlike natural stone, you’re not limited to “what’s on hand” with stone veneer. A wide variety of designs and colors are readily available, providing more design options than full dimensional masonry – all at a fraction of the cost. 

Created in the 1960’s in the form we know it in today, stone veneer products have increased in popularity and availability over the past 15 years. Today, stone veneer represents the fastest-growing segment of all exterior building products sold. It is easy to find through masonry or building products distributors, contractors, big box stores or resellers such as fireplace dealers or landscape suppliers. 

When coupled with vinyl siding, manufactured stone veneer delivers a virtually maintenance-free exterior that is architecturally enhanced, durable and environmentally friendly – at a terrific value. These products provide a practical way to enhance interiors, bringing the rustic warmth of the outside to the inside as well, including bathrooms, basements, kitchens, entries and more.

Why choose stone veneer?

At 10–15 lbs per square foot, masonry veneer is more lightweight than natural stone – the thin surface material can be applied directly to a solid facing without special engineering or footings. While full-dimension stone or brick masonry can be four inches or more in depth, thin veneer stone is just 3/4″ – 1–1/4″ thick. Its lighter weight, ease of installation, variety of styles and colors, and affordable cost makes stone veneer the choice preferred by homeowners, builders and remodelers over conventional masonry and natural products like thin stone veneer. 

Stone veneer product guide

Did you know?

According to, a Better Homes and Gardens website, adding manufactured stone on the front of the home is one of the top five remodeling jobs for adding curb appeal.