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Specializing in energy-efficient seamless roofing systems for low slope, flat and metal roofs, Hoskins Roofing Systems has the solution for both your commercial and agricultural applications.

• Superior insulating quality
• Durable, seamless, and waterproof
• Reduces energy costs
• Eliminates tear off
• Lightweight, yet extremely strong
• Economical

Ten Year Warranty: Hoskins Roofing Systems enjoys a proud tradition of customer satisfaction. We always stand behind everything we do, and will always be at your service if a problem should arise. Not only that, when your roofing system reaches its 10th birthday, at your request, we will clean the roof and apply a new top coat with another 10 year warranty.

It is our goal to handle our responsibility toward you, our customer, in the best way we can so that everything is done with excellence. We want to be the best roofing contractor you’ve ever worked with!

Foam Roofing System

Products that perform quality you can trust.

The Right Choice For:
• Performance
• Durability and economy
• Energy efficiency
• Waterproofing

Foam roofing: A quality, economical solution to your new and existing flat roof needs
The Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems with Conklin coatings provide an attractive, durable, waterproof covering that bonds tightly to nearly any properly prepared surface. The foam is applied with specialty spray equipment that mixes two liquid components to form a rigid polyurethane foam (PUF),. It’s so lightweight – about eight ounces per square foot – it can be applied over most existing roof systems without exceeding the structural load capacity. Yet it’s amazingly strong, easily withstanding light foot traffic and other weight requirements.

The only roofing system that keeps saving you money
For most installations the old roof stays on, saving you $.25 to $.75/square foot in tear-off costs, speeding up the installation time and causing less disruption at your work site. The economical installation is only the start of the money you can save. The insulating foam keeps heat from penetrating in the summer or escaping in the winter, permanently lowering heating and air conditioning costs for most owners.

Virtually leakproof: eliminates the problem areas where most leaks start Foam roofing systems with Conklin coatings are seamless and use no mechanical fasteners, eliminating those problem areas from the start. It also offers the advantage of being self-flashing: during installation, the foam flows around all protrusions, such as roof vents and cooling units, forming a tight bond that seals off places leaks can start.

Energy efficient: more thermal resistance than any other insulating material
Owners choose foam roofing for its outstanding insulating properties. Unlike other roof systems, the entire thickness of a foam roof is high grade insulations. SPF’s closed-cell structure stops air infiltration, the chief cause of most energy losses.

Building owners can experience substantial energy savings with a foam roofing system. In fact, the Conklin roofing system has met the guidelines and acceptance criteria for the EPA/DOE Energy Star Roof Products Program.